Jeanne J. – Everyone was very friendly and I was seen on time. Dr. Scott had an amazing rapport with my puppy and got her to relax and quit shaking. I am very thankful we were referred to your office and that Dr. Scott will be doing Sugar's dental work. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Lory K. – Lots of availability and communication: Appreciated the text telling me that Magic was out of surgery and doing well. Also appreciated the phone call post op, checking on him. Text reminders and confirmations of appointments were very helpful. Dr. Scott was available for questions on the phone when I called and also took lots of time with me in the office visit to make sure all of my questions were thoroughly answered. Office staff was always friendly and professional. Loved how everyone made a fuss over Magic and treated us like we were your "favorite" client/patient (I get the feeling you do that to all your patrons; which confirms to me that you are truly passionate). Great experience. Thank you so much.

Tricia L. – I've always been very meticulous with the care of my Golden Retriever Charlie especially his teeth. I brushed his teeth daily and examined his mouth often. A few months ago he broke one of his teeth possibly through chewing. I didn't know what to do at first until I did some research on pet dentistry and found the Hospital For Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery. We live far so there was a lot of planning and coordinating for Charlie's Treatment. Charlie needed a root canal and crown. They were wonderful with helping me with insurance claims, scheduling his surgery, explaining everything in detail from the procedure to aftercare, and they kept me informed of his progress along the way as he was recovering and called us to check on how he was doing when we got home. They treated us very kindly and were wonderful. Charlie is now used to his crown and everyone thinks it looks so cool! Thank you so much for taking such great care of our Charlie!